S!Aizen Design, LLC.


A little about us...

Sydney Portfolio Image.png

Sydney Aizen and founded S!Aizen Design in November 2016.  Here's her story:

I've been a watercolor artist for as long as I can remember.  It's my passion, my joy, and now along with designing, my career.  I keep this in mind with every brushstroke, every design, and every client.  
Before S!Aizen Design, I was working in advertising within a large retail corporation.  Creativity was not a necessity, so I attempted to transfer into the graphic design department within the same company.  I thought that my portfolio of self-taught designs and watercolor work would be more than enough to prove my creativity and skill, but before even considering my portfolio, they rejected me because I didn't have a degree in graphic design.  So I said...alright, I'll get one then.  This rejection motivated me to get my Graphic Design BFA at the Savannah College of Design while I continued to work full-time in advertising. 
Studying graphic design gave me the courage and motivation to begin cold-calling wedding invitation shops to offer my design and illustration consulting services.  I began partnering with stationery shops, and this is where S!Aizen Design was born.  We continue to partner with small businesses while also working directly with individuals to fulfill their needs in design, illustration, and photography.
My background has led me to a few rules of thumb: 
  1. Be an artist first, designer second.
  2. Never be too proud walk to up to someone and introduce yourself.
  3. Don't let rejection stifle you.  Make rejection motivate you.