S!Aizen Design, LLC.


A little about us...

Sydney Portfolio Image.png

Hi there. I’m Sydney Aizen.
This is my company, S!Aizen Design.

My name is Sydney, but I usually go by Syd. I’m a full-time graphic designer and illustrator. I look like this pretty much all of the time. Big fuzzy hair, coffee in hand, and out of frame are my handy dandy Croc slippers. I run on coffee...and stress.

I started out with a career in advertising before quickly realizing it wasn’t for me. I needed to create, hands on, and have the freedom to do so. I quit my job after a few years and decided to give this thing a go. 💃🏻 Now I work with some rockstar design studios, while also creating for clients on my own! Wedding invitations are my PB, and watercolor illustrations are my jam.

That lazy fella you see in the background is Walter, my sweet angel puppy dog. He keeps me company by occasionally licking my ankles when I’m working in my office. 🐶

So there you have it! I hope we have the opportunity to work together.